The  Syber Costumes

Why? Well, why not? Its a fun and great way to compare and contrast different styles for one character.
Each one has their pros and cons. However they are pieces of art that I believe are perfect in their own unique way. I would not change a thing about any of them. I just hope some of the info listed here will help you decide what artist will work best with you and your life style.

Each artist was asked to have fun and throw in their own flare to make them unique.

These all are made and owned for one person. Not an open species/group to make yourself.

Please do NOT create/recreate your own version. I have hand selected these artists to create Syber in their eyes.

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mangosyberjava2sokiDHCMC ruffleOFACFMFYsyPWSThatsfurredupkilcodo fursuitingmischeifmakerssyber

Syber Group photos! 

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Retired Syber Costumes


Other Characters

Not only Syber, but I also perform as many other critters. Its nice to take a break from the blue and yellow coyote and  perform in different costumes. Each one has a personality of its own.harleybeaudappercathlametwyatt